Funding News – Innovation in Manufacturing Competences: Launch of £2 Million Competition (UK)

The Technology Strategy Board’s new Innovation in Manufacturing Competences programme is designed to support feasibility studies that stimulate innovation by small businesses across a range of manufacturing competences.

Projects spanning the entire manufacturing lifecycle, from design and engineering through to process development, manufacture, service delivery and re-manufacture/re-use, including innovation in supply/distribution chains, risk management and business models will be supported.

£2 million has been set aside for allocation through this competition. Successful projects will attract up to 75% in public funding, capped at a maximum grant of £25,000. The total project costs must not exceed £33,000.

The grants can be used to fund feasibility studies based on recent technological discoveries or breakthroughs that have inspired people to innovate in a context of significant technology risk, or have led to ideas that are yet to find application in a recognised market or business sector.

UK-based small and micro manufacturing companies (those with 50 employees or fewer) operating as either a single enterprise or in collaboration with one other small or micro companyq qualify for assistance.

The deadline for receipt of registrations of interest is 31st October 2012. The full deadline for submission of applications is noon on 7th November 2012.

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Source: Technology Strategy Board, 24/09/2012