Surgical Dynamics Double Their Space at Number One Industrial Estate to Meet PPE Demand

Whittle Jones, agents acting on behalf of Northern Trust Company Ltd, are pleased to announce that Surgical Dynamics Limited have doubled their space at Number One Industrial Estate, Consett, taking an additional 5,113 sq ft of space on an initial 12 month tenancy agreement.

Surgical Dynamics Ltd, founded in 2014, is a medical device design, development and manufacturing business; who have been occupiers on the estate for over 6 years, occupying Unit 35A (5,199 sq ft). The founders of Surgical Dynamics have been involved in the medical services industry since the mid 1980’s and work closely with NHS clinicians and NHS innovations departments.

With the current coronavirus crisis the team at Surgical Dynamics have redoubled their efforts to begin production of their new ‘Guard-EX’ face shield to help supply the urgent needs of brave front line medical staff, which has resulted in the need for the additional space.

From left to right: Barry Nelson, Regional Property Manager at Whittle Jones welcomes Mark Jessup, Managing Director at Surgical Dynamics Ltd to Their New Unit.

Mark Jessup, Managing Director at Surgical Dynamics Ltd commented “To make the change to PPE production was the right decision for Surgical Dynamics to make, given the overwhelming need for this vital equipment. I am very proud of the whole team here in Consett who have worked so hard to bring this project from initial sketches to finished product in 3 weeks. We will be ramping up production to around 80 – 100,000 face shields per week over the next 2 weeks and believe this will help alleviate the chronic shortage of essential PPE in the NHS.

It is also important that the UK becomes more self sufficient in essential products and we are proud to be part of a thriving UK manufacturing community positioned to fulfil the needs of our NHS.”

Barry Nelson, Regional Property Manager at Whittle Jones, added “In these challenging times, it’s great that we have been able to provide the space that Surgical Dynamics need to expand their operations in order to assist the PPE requirements for the NHS.”

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